Kenix Technologies, LLC. was formed in August 2002, with the goal of bridging the business and technology gaps between Asian and North American markets for selective goods and services.

Our focus then, as it is today, is to be world wide technical marketing and engineering services company to bridge what is available in one market to what is needed in the other market.  

Our experienced management team combined with our network of industry and business contacts allows us to market, sell, and service the products of companies from around the world. KGT has partnered with many of the reputable companies in their respective industries in Japan, to market and sell their equipment in North American as their marketing representative.


In addition, we also assist in helping companies enter the Korean market. 

Our sister company, Daihan Trading Company Ltd. located in Seoul, Korea, supports a wide variety of products in numerous industries for the Korean market. Diahan provides complete assistance to help outside companies successfully penetrate the Korean market by providing an instant local marketing presence, and a wealth of knowledge about the Korean market and business culture. Daihan also assists in establishing a manufacturing presence in Korea for those companies desiring to do so.